Lucky Oliver is closing!

This weekend I found out that Lucky Oliver is going to close May 15. I’ve been so busy with other stuff lately that I haven’t had time to stay updated about what is going on in the microstock world. So this was really a big surprise to me. I think it’s very strange that Lucky Oliver hasn’t even sent out a message to its contributors. A newsletter would have been appropriate one may think.

If you have earned enough to get a payout you have to request it before May 15. If you have not earned enough you can convert your money to tokens which you can buy pictures with. Many are upset over this. Even if one has only earned a single dollar you want to get paid. We have actually sold something and Lucky Oliver has been paid, so why shouldn’t we even if we haven’t earned that much? It will be interesting to see if they change their mind and give everyone their money.

Lucky Oliver was one of the stock agencies I earned the least with so I can’t say it affects me very much when they close. But they had the best reviewers – they always left good comments and constructive criticism. So it’s a bit sad that they will disappear.

Here is the message from Lucky Oliver about them closing down…

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