Can Stock Photo announces SpeedSubmit

(Halifax, Canada, March 4, 2009) – Can Stock Photo is excited to announce the launch of a new, improved photo submission system called SpeedSubmit. The upgraded and refined interface will drastically reduce the amount of time and effort required of photographers to submit their stock photos for inclusion into Can Stock Photo’s microstock collection along with Fotosearch’s stock photography library of over 4.5 million images. The entire upload and submission process has been greatly streamlined, which frees photographers and lets them get back to being creative.

Submitting images has never been faster. “I have sent several hundred pictures in the time it would have taken me to send 15,” said one well-known contributor after using SpeedSubmit. “People are going to *WANT* this tool,” said a prominent microstock blogger.

SpeedSubmit is designed to expedite the stock photo submission by simplifying and eliminating some of the laborious tasks typically found on other microstock sites. Image categorization has been entirely automated, thereby removing the need for photographers to scroll through long lists of categories for manual selection. A new release manager visually displays the photographer’s models for rapid identification. The user can now easily upload and attach model releases to a series of stock photos all at once. Photographers can review at least 20 photos, complete with metadata and releases, on a single page and submit them all simultaneously.

“We want photographers to know that we value their time as well as their images, and simplifying the submission process increases the photographer’s return”, stated Duncan Enman, Can Stock Photo’s founder. Can Stock Photo’s team of developers has attentively listened to the comments of photographers in order to make SpeedSubmit the best way to make stock photos available for sale to the millions of people who visit Can Stock Photo and Fotosearch every week.

About Fotosearch®
Publitek, Inc., dba Fotosearch, is one of the largest stock image agencies in the world, representing more than 100 royalty free agencies and more than 4 million photos. Fotosearch’s impressive client list includes international magazines, newspapers, and publishing companies, as well as thousands of major advertising firms in the U.S. and abroad. Visit Fotosearch Stock Photography at to Find the Perfect Photo Fast™.

About Can Stock Photo Inc.
Can Stock Photo™ is a microstock agency founded by Duncan Enman in 2004. Can Stock Photo represents more than 1,000,000 stock images and has more than 30,000 members. Visit Can Stock Photo at

Personally I didn’t join Can Stock Photo until last week. I have never tried their old upload system but I can testify that the new SpeedSubmit upload is really fast. Since you don’t have to categorize any images it’s really speedy.

The reason for not joining Can Stock Photo earlier is that people have been reporting really bad sales there. But over the last weeks that seem to have changed. Many are saying that they have earned as much in one month as they did for a whole year before. The reason for that is that CSP was aquired by Fotosearch in November 2008. So now all the images you send to CSP is automatically available for the millions of people who visit Fotosearch every week.

I have only earned $0.50 on CSP so far but I’m hoping it will be much more in the future! It seems like CSP is developing very positively now and I think that it can become a good earner in the future.

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