An update about Shutterstock and the tax issue Shutterstock has still not issued an update about the tax issue I wrote about in the previous post. But I wrote to them and asked if it was okay to use an EIN number (Employeee Identification Number) instead of an ITIN number when we fill in form W-8BEN. I received the answer that it is okay to use an EIN (and also a SSN) instead of an ITIN when you fill in the form. So this is good news for those of us with our own companies since it’s much easier to get an EIN than an ITIN.

Cheap Alprazolam Pills As I wrote in the previous post this is what you do to get an EIN number:
1. Start by looking trough form SS-4. It might be a good idea to print it out and fill it in so that you are really prepared,
2. Call the IRS in the USA, telephone number +1-215-516-6999. You will then have to answer some questions that you have answered on form SS-4.
3. At the end of the call you receive your EIN number. It is also sent home to you through regular mail. You then use this number when you fill in form W-8BEN.

Buy Adipex Online 2015 I haven’t made the call to get the number myself yet but I will do it some time soon.

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