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Can Stock Photo now accepts footage

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Today Can Stock Photo announced that they have begun accepting submission of stock footage. The footage will be added automatically to Fotosearch’s collections as with the images you submit to them.

It’s as easy to submit film clips as it is to submit images with the help of Can Stock Photos SpeedSubmit interface. You can even send DVDs to them, and let the staff upload them for you, if you have limited bandwidth or a collection of large files.

Payouts for video licensed on Can Stock Photo are $5 for Low Resolution, $15 for Standard Definition, $20 for 720 HD, and $25 for 1080 HD.  Fotosearch sells enhanced licenses for footage with payouts of $9.80 for Low Resolution, $29.80 for Standard Definition, and $39.80 for HD.

Good news from Shutterstock!

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Last night (in Swedish time) Shutterstock announced that they now offer monthly subscriptions to their Footage library! Earlier you had to pay for each film clip you wanted to download but that has now changed. As of yesterday you can buy a monthly subscription and download a certain number of clips during the subscription period. The person selling the clip will earn $13.25 for every high definition footage clip downloaded in a footage subscription and $8 for every non-high definition download.

I think this is fantastic! It will be very interesting to see if this will make the footage downloads more popular. It will also be interesting to see if it pays to send in new footage constantly as it does with pictures. If you stop sending in new pictures your earnings will drop (at least in my experience). Will it be the same for footage?

Personally I only have one single clip for sale (and one that is waiting for review). But this makes me want to start producing more film clips. I think this is very good news!