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Lucky Oliver is closing!

Monday, April 21st, 2008

This weekend I found out that Lucky Oliver is going to close May 15. I’ve been so busy with other stuff lately that I haven’t had time to stay updated about what is going on in the microstock world. So this was really a big surprise to me. I think it’s very strange that Lucky Oliver hasn’t even sent out a message to its contributors. A newsletter would have been appropriate one may think.

If you have earned enough to get a payout you have to request it before May 15. If you have not earned enough you can convert your money to tokens which you can buy pictures with. Many are upset over this. Even if one has only earned a single dollar you want to get paid. We have actually sold something and Lucky Oliver has been paid, so why shouldn’t we even if we haven’t earned that much? It will be interesting to see if they change their mind and give everyone their money.

Lucky Oliver was one of the stock agencies I earned the least with so I can’t say it affects me very much when they close. But they had the best reviewers – they always left good comments and constructive criticism. So it’s a bit sad that they will disappear.

Here is the message from Lucky Oliver about them closing down…

Good news from Shutterstock!

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Last night (in Swedish time) Shutterstock announced that they now offer monthly subscriptions to their Footage library! Earlier you had to pay for each film clip you wanted to download but that has now changed. As of yesterday you can buy a monthly subscription and download a certain number of clips during the subscription period. The person selling the clip will earn $13.25 for every high definition footage clip downloaded in a footage subscription and $8 for every non-high definition download.

I think this is fantastic! It will be very interesting to see if this will make the footage downloads more popular. It will also be interesting to see if it pays to send in new footage constantly as it does with pictures. If you stop sending in new pictures your earnings will drop (at least in my experience). Will it be the same for footage?

Personally I only have one single clip for sale (and one that is waiting for review). But this makes me want to start producing more film clips. I think this is very good news!

Cutcaster – new agency with a difference

Friday, April 4th, 2008

Cutcaster has now opened their site to the public. (They’re still in beta, however.) It’s a little bit different from the other stock agencies. John Griffin, the founder of the site, has a background in stock trading on Wall Street. He has taken what he learned from that and applied it to Cutcaster. He describes the site like this…

“We are a digital content marketplace where members can buy, sell and request video footage, b-roll, short films, animations, motion graphics, backgrounds and photos. We are the first dynamic digital content marketplace and not just another static storefront.”

You can sell both images and video clips on the site and you decide for yourself which price you want to set. Then the buyer can negotiate the price with the seller if they want. The buyer can choose to bid a lower price for an image but it’s up to the seller if he/she is willing to accept the offer.

If a buyer can’t find what he is looking for he can use the feature “ProjectRequest” and send out a request to all the members of the site. Then you, as a contributor, can choose to create the image or video that is requested, if you want.

It sounds like this could become an exciting site in the future – assuming the buyers find it. I especially find the feature “ProjectRequest” a good idea!

Is it better to be exclusive?

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Today I found a blog post on Dreamstime written by Cynthi Kovach. She has decided to work exclusively with Dreamstime and she has some good points about why one should work exclusively with only one stock agency. And it seems like it’s working for her! I never thought I would ever think about going exclusive but maybe it’s not a bad idea after all. It would certainly be much less work to just upload to one agency and not 10 (like I am right now). It would also save me time which I could use to create more images. Well, I will not go exclusive yet anyway. But in the future it may be something to consider.

By the way, check out Cynthi Kovach portfolio. She has lot’s of cute baby pictures… I just love them!