123RF.com unveils the EVO Label

EVO LabelMay 2, 2008 – Royalty-free stock image provider 123RF.com unveils EVO images today, which promises to deliver unique, high quality content with strong stock orientation to all customers.

Stephanie Sitt, the VP of Sales and Marketing for 123RF states that, “The EVO Label represents a dawning of a new breed of imagery that is especially relevant to the dynamic and changing needs of clients. Clients can expect EVO images to be of the highest technical quality and with some level of exclusivity as the license for EVO image comes at a small premium. EVO is specially tailored for clients who are looking for something not too costly and yet not so readily available at all microstock sites.”

Sitt adds, “Contributors to the EVO Label have been carefully selected for their impressive and consistent work and are well recognized figures among the ranks of Contributors at 123RF. We believe that contributors with a flair for excellence deserve due recognition and should be granted a position in EVO. Contribution to EVO is a by invitation-only and portfolios of possible candidates are evaluated by a panel consisting of experienced directors of photography and art directors. The criteria for selection are a good eye for highly stock related shots, good composition and lighting. To ensure that customers will only get the best, all EVO submissions goes through several stages of stringent approvals to ensure quality control and high relevancy. In addition to that, we will be sourcing for suitable partner suppliers to include their library into EVO as well in the near future. “

Contributors who have been invited to EVO can submit up to 20 images a day for consideration. Available only under credit downloads, EVO Contributors will include their image under any of four price tiers. These tiers are Silver (5 to 20 credits), Gold (10 to 40 credits), Titanium (20 to 80 credits) and Platinum (40 to 160 credits).

EVO images shall be included among the 123RF basic search results and will have a small EVO logo underneath each thumbnail. Clients with the help of advanced search filters, can opt to exclude or to search exclusively from the EVO Label. “123RF will only add 500 to 1,000 images per working day to ensure high relevancy and that the database remains fresh always.” adds Sitt.

EVO will undoubtedly bring new clients seeking high quality images at reasonable prices into 123RF and level the playing field as the entire image collection at 123RF continues to be diverse and yet relevant. 123RF will be at the forefront by developing new tools, generating new ideas and revolutionizing new concepts all in an effort to bring clients ever closer to alternative sources of imagery. Sitt concludes by saying that, ”EVO is the beginning of a whole new evolution in the industry.”

For more information, visit www.123rf.com today!

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