5 important microstock tips!

1. Don’t take rejections personally!
If your images get rejected, try to learn from it. See what you can improve – don’t get mad. Everyone gets rejections! But if a picture is rejected on one site it might be accepted on another, the agencies sometimes judge images differently and look for different qualities in an image.

2. Keep uploading!
Try to upload regularly. It’s important to build a strong portfolio. Over time when you learn more your images gets better and the more images you have the more you make.

3. Upload to more than one microstock agency!
If you want to make maximum amount of money with the images you have you should definitely upload to several agencies. Submit to all of the most popular sites (they are listed here). You could also experiment with some less popular agencies to see if your images fit their customers taste. Sometimes one type of images sell well on one site but not on another.

4. Spend time on keywording!
Without proper keywords for your images you won’t sell anything. Keywords are almost as important as the image itself. Without the right keywords the customers won’t find your images. But don’t use too many or irrelevant keywords. Keyword spamming won’t make you popular!

5. Quality is better than quantity!
It’s better to have a smaller portfolio with lots of high quality, really useful pictures than a big portfolio with low quality pictures. Remember that quality does not only mean technical quality but also commercial value.