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New Fotolia plugin for WordPress

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Based on Fotolia’s most powerful API, Microstock entrepreneurs Lee Torrens and Amos Struck launched the Microstock Photo Plugin for WordPress. Bloggers can now easily search from 8-million royalty-free images on Fotolia and add them to their posts instantly without leaving WordPress. The application also suggests photos based on blog tags. All bloggers have to do is select the image they want and it’s automatically inserted into the post.

“Thanks to our powerful and unique API, the Microstock photo plug-in not only offers bloggers a fast and easy way to integrate attractive images at unbeatable prices, but users also have the opportunity to make money by using Fotolia images through affiliation options,“ says Garth Johnson, Executive Vice President for Fotolia, North America.

To get started with the new WordPress plug-in, visit to download and install. Follow the Fotolia link to sign-up for a free Fotolia membership. Once a Fotolia account is created, set-up the login and password in the configuration in order to be able to buy and download photos using the Fotolia account. Then, activate the Affiliate Program with a click in the plug-in to earn commissions. Blogging and revenue share just got even easier.

Is it better to be exclusive?

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Today I found a blog post on Dreamstime written by Cynthi Kovach. She has decided to work exclusively with Dreamstime and she has some good points about why one should work exclusively with only one stock agency. And it seems like it’s working for her! I never thought I would ever think about going exclusive but maybe it’s not a bad idea after all. It would certainly be much less work to just upload to one agency and not 10 (like I am right now). It would also save me time which I could use to create more images. Well, I will not go exclusive yet anyway. But in the future it may be something to consider.

By the way, check out Cynthi Kovach portfolio. She has lot’s of cute baby pictures… I just love them!

How to create a best selling illustration

Friday, March 14th, 2008

On Monday I wrote about an article that analyzed the top 10 best selling photos at Dreamstime. There is a similar article for illustrations which analyzes the top 10 best selling illustrations at Dreamstime. If you work with illustrations this article is a must-read. It gives some very useful tips on how to create a best selling illustration.

How to successfully launch a career in microstock

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

Kirsty Pargeter is a very successful microstock contributor. She works full time selling her images through different microstock agencies. She gives her 10 best tips on how to succesfully launch a freelance career in an article at Crestock. Make sure you look at her portfolio also – it’s incredible!

How to create a best selling stock photo

Monday, March 10th, 2008

I found an article at Dreamstime that analyzes the top 10 best selling photos at Dreamstime during 2007. It seems like family and business type photos are the most popular. Groups of people in photos are also popular probably because it’s not that easy to get good shoots of several persons in one photo. I suggest that you read the article because it gives you some really useful information about how to create best selling photos. You can read the article here!