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Dreamstime Debuts New Canvas and Poster Formats for Images

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Dreamstime announced on October 14 that they have introduced a new service to deliver decorative display prints right to your door. The ultimate outlet for quality images (in all shapes and sizes, and for any creative purpose), Dreamstime photo-shoppers can now also purchase ready-made prints in poster and canvas format for home or office use.

From the platinum-selling agency that has revolutionized the industry during its five-year history, Dreamstime has elevated its services to offer images from its gallery of more than 6.5 million to enable purchasers to enjoy their photos in wall art form—a finished product ready to showcase.

“Most commonly, our images are used for creative project designs. This new service recognizes the value and artistry as a finished, ready-to-use display product,” introduced Serban Enache, Dreamstime’s CEO. “Our posters and canvases are unmatched when comparing pricing, quality, delivery speed and diversity. Dreamstime’s community library of images is unparalleled and this new offering will make us a leading ‘go-to’ vendor when searching for interesting and captivating wall hangings.”

In keeping with the agency’s commitment to low prices, the price point for each poster/canvas is significantly competitive (ranging anywhere in monetary value between $13.00 to $80.00 for a 20”X60” canvas—lower than most online retailers in the market). Costs include shipping and handling to the United States and Europe. Volume discounts are available.

In addition to its vast selection of images and services, another advantage to this new facet is ease of use. In one, easy step, Dreamstime users can access their desired photo, click the “order a print” tab and select the size and support type (poster or canvas.) In a sophisticated, two-day production process (posters are printed on professionally glossy inkjet paper/canvasses are printed on polyester water and UV resistant canvas), the posters and canvases will be developed and shipped to the purchaser’s door.

All Dreamstime images are available in varying download sizes and resolutions to compliment and complete any design project. offers an unlimited assortment of imagery including photos, sketches, graphic art, illustrations and backgrounds in high quality re-print formats (such as non-compressed jpeg formats, RAW images and vector formats) and are easily discovered via the use of Dreamfinder–an advanced search and tagging engine within the site.

With the most innovations in stock photography, Dreamstime has positioned itself as a cutting edge leader in the e-commerce photography industry. The poster/canvas service increases format availability of its images while being mutually advantageous to the Dreamstime contributors providing a new revenue channel increasing sales overall.

Is it better to be exclusive?

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Today I found a blog post on Dreamstime written by Cynthi Kovach. She has decided to work exclusively with Dreamstime and she has some good points about why one should work exclusively with only one stock agency. And it seems like it’s working for her! I never thought I would ever think about going exclusive but maybe it’s not a bad idea after all. It would certainly be much less work to just upload to one agency and not 10 (like I am right now). It would also save me time which I could use to create more images. Well, I will not go exclusive yet anyway. But in the future it may be something to consider.

By the way, check out Cynthi Kovach portfolio. She has lot’s of cute baby pictures… I just love them!

How to create a best selling illustration

Friday, March 14th, 2008

On Monday I wrote about an article that analyzed the top 10 best selling photos at Dreamstime. There is a similar article for illustrations which analyzes the top 10 best selling illustrations at Dreamstime. If you work with illustrations this article is a must-read. It gives some very useful tips on how to create a best selling illustration.

How to create a best selling stock photo

Monday, March 10th, 2008

I found an article at Dreamstime that analyzes the top 10 best selling photos at Dreamstime during 2007. It seems like family and business type photos are the most popular. Groups of people in photos are also popular probably because it’s not that easy to get good shoots of several persons in one photo. I suggest that you read the article because it gives you some really useful information about how to create best selling photos. You can read the article here!