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Submission Infringement Guidelines – Problem Keywords & Subjects on BigStockPhoto

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Today BigStockPhoto sent out a message alerting all submitters about problematic keywords…

It’s important to be aware of intellectual property infringements when submitting images and adding image metadata. BigStockPhoto now posts a list of known problem words and potential infringements you should be aware of when submitting.

They also have a new “Problem word alert” tool in the Uploaded Images Queue screen that warns you if any of your metadata contains these terms. If you see the alert, you should carefully review the alerts and make changes as needed.

The new Problem Keywords & Subjects list displays problem words that you should pay extra attention to. Read through the list to make sure you know what BSP don’t allow anymore. You may get a few surprises! At least I did. I didn’t for example know that it’s not okay to take a photo of the Eiffel Tower during night because the lights are protected. You could sell a night shot as Editorial if it’s newsworthy though. Also the word “logo” is not okay anymore because it apparently causes confusion for the buyers (why?). You should replace “logo” with “creative design” or “abstract design” instead. You can find the list here