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Shutterstock announces a raise!

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Yesterday Shutterstock announced that contributors will get a raise. If you have earned under $500 you still only receive $0.25 per downloaded image but if you have earned over $500 you get $0.33 per download. That is an increase with 3 cents from before. In addition to that those who have earned between $3000 and $10 000 will now receive $0.36 per download and those who have earned over $10 000 get $0.38 per download. The earnings for Extended Licence sales have increased with $8 from $20 to $28 per EL sale. That is a nice raise!

It’s a bit sad that those of us that haven’t yet earned $500 didn’t get a raise but when we eventually reach $500 it will be nice. Personally I have to earn almost $200 more before I reach $500.