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Have Shutterstock reviewers gone crazy? Mass rejections for everyone!

Friday, March 21st, 2008

It seems like something has happened at Shutterstock the last couple of days. Many contributors are reporting rejections of whole batches of images for strange reasons. Most seem to be rejected due to limited commercial value and some because they are too similar (when there are no similar images). Yesterday the speculations where wild in the forum about what could have caused this. Some thought it was a software bug and some thought it may have been a new reviewer not doing their job properly. Finally a staff member told us that it wasn’t a software bug but a problem with the reviewer. Some time later they left this message:

“Unfortunately, some recent rejections were not reviewed properly. However, I am not stating that all rejections were, but some are very apparent and, again, these will be addressed individually with each submitter, as possible.”

I must admit that I had prefered it to be a software bug and not a bad reviewer. I think it’s easier to fix the software than the reviewer. I haven’t sent any pictures to Shutterstock this last week because I have worked with other stuff and now I’m glad that I haven’t. I think I will wait a couple of more days before I start submitting to them again. But it seems like they are reviewing all the images that has been rejected once again.

Shutterstock staff also said:

“Now, in regards to recent rejections & to allay any concerns with reviews: All reviewers are being reviewed for both quality approvals and rejections on a daily basis. When a situation like this occurs, I will do my best to address everyone’s concerns right away and will move to correct the situation immediately. I have done so today.”

It would be interesting to know the whole story. What happened “behind the scenes”?